Welcome to Blushing in Bloom, and outlet used as a means for self-expression, beauty and passion. Blushing in Bloom is not a random name that simply sounds cute, but one I believe to hold a very significant meaning.


Blushing in Bloom portrays the idea that we must not be afraid to be ourselves; We must project ourselves out into the world, wearing our hearts on our sleeve, even if it feels uncomfortable. At times we may be embarrassed, defeated, and feel as though we are apologetically being ourselves as we walk through life. Hence, blushing. As humans, we are constantly evolving our ideas and perceptions… coming into fruition as we try to achieve the very best version of ourselves. We slowly bloom through life, with different experiences that shape the people we transform into. Our blooms both begin and end many times throughout our lives, as we develop into these better versions of ourselves; We are constantly growing and evolving. We hope, as time continues that we can say we have bloomed gracefully, into a beautiful collection of relationships, experiences, memories, achievements, milestones, and moments of love.

I hope you carry this meaning with you throughout your life, and that my words help you in one way or another. My hope is for you to leave here feeling inspired, understanding that each and every one of us has undeniable, beauty within. Bloom with grace.


Alexandria Kelly