Life is not always about having a clear and direct plan. While we set individual goals for ourselves and work to attain them, our interests may change and lead us into another direction where we can rise above our unknown potential, and be even greater at something than we first expected. The point is… You are never going to know how great you are at something (or whether it is for you) unless you try it. You can spend day after day attempting to come up with this “Master Plan” as to what you think you’d like to try in your life, or ponder whether or not you think you can succeed in that field. The truth is, you won’t know this until you take that leap of faith! Life is about taking risks; No one ever grew from remaining in their comfort zones.

My friend recently used the term “readjust” when speaking with me about this dilemma we all face at one or more points of transition in our lives. She noted how we outgrow certain situations in our lives and need to know when it is time to readjust. She reiterated how when we readjust, it does not mean quit, but rather how we can use our energy more efficiently in a different way while preserving our happiness. There are going to be many times in our lives where we sit back and realize that something is making us unhappy, or we feel the potential to grow elsewhere, in other ways. These are the times we must readjust. In order to readjust, one must follow these helpful steps. It is important to not agonize and stress over something that is making us unhappy or “stuck. We have to 1) recognize the issue 2) evaluate the situation 3) think the plan through 4) make the move to readjust while preserving our happiness throughout this entire process 5) decide whether this path is for us or not 6) Decide whether to continue forward, or readjust.

We don’t even realize how many times we readjust on a daily basis. Our moods, plans, jobs, relationships all cause us to change at some point in our lives. The key here is (something that I have a difficult time doing) is to readjust as gracefully as possible. Let life happen, everything is going to work out in the end regardless as to how you get there. Readjusting your life’s path gracefully, however, allows you to bloom to your utmost potential while remaining clear minded.



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