They says what’s worth having doesn’t come easy; That’s an understatement.


They also say if you are willing to walk through the fire for something

Then you will find what you seek; Another understatement.


For you, I’d walk through the depths of hell ablaze, as the scorching heat melts

All I ever was… All I am… And all, I’ll ever be.


I’d drag my melting feet, stumbling, until I reached you before I turned to ash.

And as my ashy remnants fell to the floor, piece by piece, one by one…

I hope you’d hear me as I say…


That hell was kind of chilly, as I fought my way to you.

The color of the fire soothed my eyes, as I continued on my way.


Maybe in my next life, if I have to fight my way to you, I’ll walk upon the sun;

Scorching a thousand degrees upon my skin.

Melting away everything, until you see my pumping heart,

Which only beats for you.


I’d walk through hell and over a million burning suns to have you.

They say nothing worth having ever comes easy; But they don’t know you.



© Copyright 2017 Blushing In Bloom, All rights reserved




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