I once read this quote that really stuck with me…

“There are three simple rules in life…
1) If you do not go after what you want, you’ll never have it.
2) If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.
3) If you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place.”

These three, simple rules are so important for everyone to apply to themselves individually. Mind you, these three rules can mean different things for different people, based on their circumstances. However, they are so raw and so true, somehow, for everyone.

If you do not make moves in your life, you are never going to have the things you want. Life is not about talking, but rather doing. No one ever achieved their dreams by simply moving their mouth and talking about what they wanted to do or accomplish. The people who solely speak without actually doing are the people who die with their dreams unfinished; These are the people who die with the “what ifs.” Those who take little steps, each and everyday, to get to where they want to be… Are the people who achieve their dreams and desires successfully.

The people who remain within their shells and hide from the unknown are the people who are left without answers. Only the people who take that little bit of courage inside of them, and use it to their advantage… Are the people who get answers. There are going to be people in your life who tell you NO when you ask them something; This is inevitable. But… The answer will ALWAYS be no, if you never ask. By asking, you give yourself that 50/50 opportunity to receive the answer you desire.

Sadly, many people never grow. They stay stuck in the same place, in the same situation, in the same toxic relationships, same mentality… Until they are eventually destroyed. These people never grow and reach their potential. Every single one of us has a potential; Even people who are undeserving of it. The key thing to remember is that while everyone has a potential, only a select few people fulfill this potential within. It is important to take every opportunity in your life, with an open mind, if you feel as though it will benefit you. People turn down opportunities, too often, out of fear of the unknown. These are the people who look back with regret, knowing that they should have taken that chance to make something great out of themselves, or gain a rewarding experience. You will never grow unless you step out of your comfort zone and take steps in the right direction.

These 3 Rules can be applied to many different aspects of life. They will only help if you start applying them.


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