If you could have a do-over

I think it’s fair to say that we all wish we could have the opportunity to have a do-over. We all have regrets that we look back on, wishing we handled situations differently. To put it simply, it is impossible to go back in time… You can never re-do a first impression (hence first). But, it’s important to remember that you always have the opportunity to start new; Every day. Every morning, we are given a chance for our do-over. No, situations in our lives can never be “un-done”, however, they can be “re-done. “The difference between the two comparisons is so significantly obvious, that people tend to overlook its meaning. Look at the term un-done and then think about how this compares with the term re-done… When analyzing the term re-done, you can imagine that we all have the chance to create a better version of ourselves every morning, or even every hour.

We can look back on bad decisions, friendships or relationships and learn from them; We can analyze how we could have (and maybe should have) handled that situation more maturely or gracefully. Through this, we can move forward as a better version of ourselves. Do not under estimate the importance when one says that we are “constantly evolving”, because we are. You can think of something that you’d like to change about yourself and make small strides, day in and day out, towards that desired you. Stop looking back at what you’d change in the past and start thinking about the things you would like to start and improve on in the future. You have the chance for a do-over, every morning.


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