“Just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want them to, doesn’t mean that they don’t love you with all that they have.”

At certain points in my life, I have felt conflicted with people not meeting me halfway. I think it is justified to say that everyone, in their individual lives, has at one point or another felt this way. As people, we devote so much time, energy, love and thought into our relationships. Whether this relationship is with a family member, friend, or partner… It is human nature to devote all that you can possibly give to that individual.

Unfortunately, not everyone devotes as much energy to their personal relationships as we’d like. We can either choose to be hurt by this, or accept that this is all that this person has to offer at this point in his or her life. Coming to this realization has, personally, helped me from being hurt by others. Understanding that sometimes people love you with all they have to offer will help you in both acceptance and understanding. Just because someone doesn’t love you or care for you, the way that you want them to, doesn’t mean that they don’t offer you all they have. It is foolish to expect someone to go above and beyond for you emotionally if they are incomplete within themselves. It is human nature to assume that people are as far along developed as you may be, however, at one point or another during your lifetime you will learn that this is not the case. Every single being on this planet is different. Some people may never be as mature or ready to offer their energy and love to you, as you are ready to offer your energy and love to them.

A relationship takes two people. It doesn’t matter who this friendship or relationship is between. You can pour your heart out, devote your all your time, make all the sacrifices imaginable for someone… But the friendship or relationship, will not push forward if this effort and energy is not reciprocated back to you (in some form). This energy or love may not be in the form that you imagine it should be reciprocated; It is important to be conscious of this.

To change the perspective so you can understand from a personal point of view… There will be times in your life where you feel weak or incomplete and you will need to lean on your other half, or friend… They will be there for you offering you everything that they possibly have to show you that you are loved and to make you feel better. Just because you are weak or going through a difficult time in which you are not your normal self, does not mean you love that person less. Perhaps you are so sad that you cannot express your emotions efficiently; We would not want our loved one’s to assume we love them less because of this.

Accepting that someone cannot always offer you what you offer them, is one of the most mature realizations one can come to. This acceptance leads to clarity; Clarity and understanding within a relationship, are everything.

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