If you are a people-pleaser like myself, you might notice that you are not where you want to be when it comes to your health and fitness. Personally, I noticed that I fell short in my fitness when I stopped doing it, for me. It’s so easy to fall off the wagon and get off track with your workouts and healthy diet. It is SO MUCH EASIER to fall off, than it is to start. Do not take yourself for granted, ever; It is so important to maintain a healthy balance between being there for those you love and the world that surrounds you, and for yourself. You can come up with countless excuses as to why you shouldn’t workout and hit the gym. You can probably think of ten things that you have to do throughout the day that might better suit your time. Stop overthinking it. Get up. Get dressed. Pack your gym bag and head on over.

My boyfriend, Etnik, and I recently had a conversation after I had struggled with my confidence and the fact that I let myself fall off the wagon. I kept asking him to go to the gym with me, and relied on his presence to get myself there. He sat me down one day recently and said, “No. I’m not coming with you because you have to go for yourself, not for me.” While this hurt and was disappointing at first, I don’t think I have ever been more thankful for someone’s bluntness and for giving it to me straight. He woke me up and realized that I had been doing it for the wrong reasons all along.

Don’t do it for the beach; Do it for your mind. Don’t do it for the dress, but to feel good in your own skin. Don’t do it for your boyfriend or husband; Do it for you. Don’t make it a strict “diet”; Make it a healthy lifestyle that will keep you strong during the worst of times. Don’t get fit to compete with the people around you… But for the competition that you have with yourself. Compete on a daily basis with yourself, to be the BEST version of you. Every. Single. Day.


You have two options… 1) Make excuses. Or 2) Make moves. You decide. Please do this for you. Do it for your present and your future. Do it so you can be a BETTER you for those you love. Perhaps this will ease the guilt you may experience when you finally take some time to focus on yourself. Think about how much happier and less stressed you’ll be for your loved ones when you’re happy in your own skin. I promise you’ll feel better, despite the bumps in the road you might face along the way. There will be days where you’re tired and exhausted. There will even be days where you need to take a rest, and that’s okay. You are your biggest opponent and your worst enemy. No one can make you get up and go to the gym. It all comes down to self-will and determination. Listen to your body, reach for your highest potential, and don’t stop until you’re there. You are the only person in control of yourself. After all, you’re all you have.



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