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Hi there! Take some time to explore our Blog where we feature real weddings from our amazing clients, highlight interviews with event professionals, and post inspirational advice and planning tips!

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If there is one thing that I appreciate as a wedding planner and designer in Westchester, New York , it is quality wedding photographs, taken by experienced and passionate wedding photographers. It is from these amazing artists that I get my inspiration, and basis for which I begin to make future preparations for my very own wedding, as well as the weddings of my future clients. There is something to be said about capturing love with the press of a button, and within the blink of an eye. Whether you are into traditional photography, airy,  or into modern, creative wedding photography, one thing is true – To be able to truly capture and highlight the laughs, the smiles, the tears, and the promises made between a couple, in a single photo… takes both talent and training; It is a gift.

My family has been in the wedding industry for the last forty years; I have had the pleasure of meeting numerous people who contribute to making a couple’s day, the most memorable day of their lives. Wedding photography captures the very essence of a couple’s wedding day, their love. Wedding photos are priceless, as they can be carried over from generation to generation. I admire timelessness. Like the love that a couple shares with one another, their photos should have no end.

I have come to understand that surrounding yourself with people who have thesame values and vision as you, is very crucial in the wedding industry. I have always had an eye for elegant trends in the wedding and bridal world, and as I plant the roots for my very own wedding planning business, Blushing In Bloom, I enjoy meeting and talking with professionals who pride themselves on their work and craft. I came across Chris Bojanovich Photography, a Connecticut and New York Wedding and Portrait photographer, on Instagram, and his work immediately caught my attention. His photos were timeless, and went above and beyond more traditional styled photos. His work has a modern touch, and does not get lost in the vast sea of wedding photography; Chris’ work stood out to me.

I had the pleasure of meeting Chris for a cup of coffee last week. I am so appreciative of his honesty and his emphasis on the client experience. Client experience is such an integral part of any business, and Chris Bojanovich Photography takes their client experience to the next level. Chris runs the studio with hiswife Malú, who handles this part of the business. Chris Bojanovich Photography goes way beyond simply taking photos. This husband and wife duo emphasizes education on the entire process, creating an experience for their clients, beginning at the initial consultation, and continuing through the relationship that follows after the wedding has passed. Chris and Malú truly have a love for their business, and for the wedding industry. It reminded me how important it is for me to align myself with professionals who enjoy what they do.

During our conversation, I asked Chris questions that could be useful for my future clients, and all brides-to-be.


The Art of Wedding Photography

  • What do you love most about wedding photography?

Marriage is all about love, family and relationships. These three things are core values for Malú and I. How amazing is it that? As wedding photographers we get to be part of the beginning of the rest of their lives as a new married couple. Capturing the raw emotions – the tears, the laughter and overall joy that happens during the day is something unique to this industry, and we are very humbled to be able to capture all of this.

Additionally, wedding photography gives you the exposure to learn about many cultures and their traditions; The powerful energy during the Hora at a Jewish wedding reception, the ancient traditions at a Greek wedding ceremony or the different ceremonies and outfits at an Indian wedding. This is what also fuels my passion for wedding photography.

  • How would you describe your style of photography? What makes your work different?

I would say that my style style of photography is modern, dynamic and story-telling focused. I love to combine different types of photography; Fashion, editorial, landscape and photojournalism blend them together and create a unique style. I get to be a portrait photographer, a landscape photographer, a fashion photographer and photojournalist all in one day. How incredible is that?


  • How does Chris Bojanovich Photography create an experience for its clients?

The CBP experience starts from the moment a client inquires about our services. Most of our couples are getting married for the first time, and all of this wedding stuff is new to them. It is our job, as wedding photography experts, to make sure we educate each our couples, whether they hire us or not, about the wedding planning process and the importance of quality photography for their wedding day. This way, they can make a more educated decision when hiring their wedding photographer.

  • What inspires you while you are behind the lens?

The different stories that unfold throughout the day. Everywhere you look there is a story to be told – whether that is Mom shedding a tear, or Dad tearing up as he opens the car door for his little girl one last time, before giving her hand to her new husband. All of these moments that I have the privilege of capturing will be enjoyed for generations to come – And to be honest, this is what fuels my passion. I want those photographs to be become their first family heirlooms.

  • In your opinion, what makes a photo timeless? How do you capture this timelessness in your photography?

From technical perspective, a timeless photograph is such when the lighting, composition and colors are well balanced and in total harmony. From an emotional perspective, the visual connections, the physical connections and the emotions between the subjects have to be genuine and balanced. A photograph is timeless when all of those factors take you back to that moment and when they make you feel what you felt back then, everytime you look at it.


Photography Today and Challenges as a Wedding Photographer

  • In your experience as a wedding photographer, what remains one of the biggest challenges wedding photographers face when photographing a couple?

I believe one of the biggest challenges wedding photographers face are making the couple feel comfortable in front of the camera. If there is no chemistry between the photographer and the couple, they will feel uncomfortable around you, as a consequence the photos will look forced and unnatural. We are well aware of this at our studio, and we make our priority to build a relationship with our couples from the moment they hire us. Building a relationship with my clients means getting to know them as well as listening and caring about their wedding needs. Building a relationship with a client means going above and beyond just getting hired to take photos of their wedding, it is about building a long lasting relationship with them. After all, I think couples will hire you for who you are, first, and for what you do, second.

  • With technology and social media being at the forefront of everything these days, what significance do printed photos still have?

There is something that a photo on a screen will never let you do – and that is holding, touching the paper, the texture and the feeling of a printed photograph of  you that is going to last forever. Printed images are at the forefront of what we offer our clients. Handmade storybooks, images printed in fine art papers or stunning wall portraits, are the only tangible reminders of your wedding day. They are your legacy and the heirlooms your children will enjoy one day.


How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

  • What are some of the key things couples should look for when sorting through different photographers for their wedding?

I think that no matter what style of photography you are looking for, traditional, modern, airy or more dramatic, the same concepts apply. First, make sure you meet the photographer that will photograph your wedding in person, review his/her portfolio and ask them to show you samples of photos he/she took under different lighting conditions; (e.g. bright sun, dark church, night ceremony; etc.). In many cases, large volume based photography studios might send you whatever associate photographer happens to be available on your wedding day, and the portfolio they showed you might not even be from that photographer. Also, amateur photographers or weekend warriors, might show you a beautiful portfolio with a wedding during the day, but was that a real wedding or a stylized shoot? Or, what if your wedding is at night? Or if it rains? Or if your venue or décor is darker than usual? Will they be able to handle the lighting situation? Asking for a well rounded portfolio with various weddings under multiple lighting and weather scenarios will give you a better idea of the photographer’s ability and skills. I always tell our potential clients that good quality wedding photography is not just about clicking a button at a beautifully decorated venue – It takes talent, but most importantly A LOT of training. Always do your due diligence.

Second, I believe couples should go beyond price as the main deciding factor when booking their wedding photographer. Sure, a photography budget is important; However, I would suggest to look more deeply at the experience the studio you are looking into is planning to offering you. Choosing a photographer for the right reasons will go a long way into having an enjoyable experience and amazing photos you’ll be proud to display on your walls or share with your family and friends. What I mean is, are you just going to meet the photographer on the day of the wedding, or will the studio guide you during the whole wedding planning process? Also, what heirloom products will they offer you? Will they just give you a USB with images and let you figure out what to do with them, or will they help you and advise you on what heirloom products are best for you and your family? Remember, your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and as cliché as this might sound, at the end of the wedding, when the guests are gone and the honeymoon is over, the only things you are left with are your new spouse and your wedding photos – and both better be good because that is it! No do-overs.


Trends and The Future of the Wedding Industry

  • What’s new in the wedding photography industry and how has it influenced the work you do?

New technologies have given us amazing tools to let us create amazing wedding photographs we could not do before. These changes influence my work on a daily basis and keep me up to date in the technical aspect of photography. Taking advantage of all those tools lets me create unique and creative images for my clients.

I think word-of-mouth and relationships are the backbone of growing any business, and that is not going to go away anytime soon. However, social media, especially Instagram, is changing the way wedding couples discover wedding photographers. Although it is still common for couples to look for a photographer once they have booked their venue, what we are seeing now is that more couples are finding us on Instagram and inquiring for our services even before they have a venue booked. This is so new for us but what I can tell you is that it makes me really happy to see that couples are noticing my work and are willing to even be flexible about choosing their wedding date around our availability. This pushes me to up my game while staying true to who I am as a photographer, as a business owner and even as a husband and father.

About Chris Bojanovich Photography

Chris Bojanovich is a Connecticut and New York Wedding & Portrait Photographer.

For more information, please visit

All photos taken by the very talented Chris Bojanovich Photography

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