I'm an outdoorsy girl who, at the same time, will walk around full glam with a fresh manicure; The ultimate living paradox. You will probably hear about my fur son, Leo, on multiple occasions. You can either find me playing with flowers or exploring the outdoors! I think out of the box and love adding a creative twist!

Alexandria Kelly


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Hi there! Welcome to Blushing In Bloom Weddings & Events. A creative hub that blesses me with the ability to help make your special day, a reality. Since you're here, you can call me Allie (yes, like The Notebook)! I have always been inspired by the creative process that goes into planning a special event and how it continually fills my heart, time after time.

Since my early childhood, I have always admired the art of love, and how love is the fuel that pushes people through their lives. Whether this be loving their soulmate, loving their job, or loving hobbies... I have found that love is the guiding essence that gives life meaning; My friends and family always tell me that I am an old soul. As a toddler, I stumbled, fell and learned to walk amongst petals and broken stems in my parents' flower shop. My family later moved into the catering business, which is where I gained years of valuable venue experience that gave me the knowledge and expertise of event operations and logistics. I understand hospitality from the inside-out, literally. Upon my graduation from Fairfield University, I managed over seventy venue staff and assisted in the coordination of hundreds of weddings every year.

Creativity has always been an integral part of my upbringing, and is a large component of who I am. I am blessed to work in an industry that I have a passion for. Entrusting your unforgettable event with me, means that you are not only getting my expertise, but the passion that comes along with it. I simply love, love. This is one of the most special days of your lives as you celebrate with family and friends; It is best you plan it right!

Bloom with grace.



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"She was always accessible and knew what needed to be done. She’d take control of every situation when I needed her. Allie's pure, selfless nature always reminded me to stay grounded, and to keep the process lighthearted and full of love."


"The minute I had met Allie, I knew my wedding was in the right hands. She had eased all my nerves, the best part of it all was that I was able to ask her for her input anytime. Without the aid of Blushing in Bloom, I do not think I would have ever been able to say OUR wedding was exactly what we pictured"


"Our biggest challenge was planning our wedding from overseas but thanks to Alexandria's help, everything we ever hoped for was successfully executed. She was there every step of the way, was on top of every detail and she always made us her priority. We could see that she took so much joy in planning with us and thats exactly how we knew we were in good hands."

Min Ji

"What you can expect from Allie: She's punctual, organized and can anticipate how things will unfold. I found her very supportive and patient throughout the entire process. Her recommendations were always spot on. She sincerely cares about making the wedding as meaningful and special as possible. We were extremely blessed to have her supporting us. Thank you Allie!"


"Thank you Allie
for all of your hard work and for going above and beyond!”

Krissy & Dan