Alexandria Kelly Grammas

Owner | Planner | Stylist

Hi there! And welcome to Blushing In Bloom. A creative hub that blesses me with the ability to help make your special day, a reality. I have always been inspired by the creative process that goes into planning a special event, and how it continually fills my heart time after time. While I make your creative process fun, seamless, and relaxing, all the while still exciting… I am doing what I love.


I have had the privilege of growing up in the wedding industry throughout my entire life. My grandfather came from Sparta, Greece to the United States where he opened up a flower shop here, in New York. My father grew up under his guided wing to learn the tricks of the trade, eventually becoming a florist himself. Shortly after my mother and father were married, they opened up a flower shop in Mamaroneck as newlyweds. It is here where I stumbled, fell and learned to walk amongst petals and broken stems as customers entered in and out of the storefront. Creativity has always been a part of me, and has been instilled in my upbringing.

As I grew older, my family entered the catering business and has owned one of the most respected venues in Westchester County for the last fourteen years. I continued growing up, surrounded by brides and grooms, as they planned the finest details of their special day. From finalizing seating arrangements, selecting menu options, managing the front entrance, styling their centerpieces and calming the tensions of in-laws… I can say that I have done it all.

Upon my graduation from college at Fairfield University, I worked in an event planning firm that specialized in corporate companies and non-profit organizations. This experience helped me further develop my skills in event development, coordination, and efficient budgeting.

As an artful creative, I always search for ways to expose myself to the things I love in a fun, inventive way. After countless hours of networking with vendors in Westchester County and worldwide, I created The Wedding Enthusiast. TWE provides brides and wedding planners with daily inspiration from vendors around the globe, as well as some helpful planning tips through blog posts and inspiration boards.

With that being said, I simply love, love. The joyous celebration of two people coming together and devoting their lives to one another is something so remarkably beautiful, it leaves me speechless. The coming together of two souls, who devote one another’s time, love and devotion to one another, deserves to be celebrated. Other milestones that embody this happiness are just as close to my heart.

When I am not planning events I am either thinking of more ways that I can, or tending to my fur-son, Leo; A fuzzy, black Pomeranian who is as feisty and a total spazz. I love wood-fired pizza, and enjoying a nice glass of rosé on a hot summer day. I’d rather be at the beach or hiking a mountain than remain indoors. I love to get my hands dirty, while I pick peonies and make flower arrangements. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and make it a daily goal to put love out into the universe.

Bloom with grace.

Alexandria Kelly