About Me

My name is Alexandria Kelly Grammas; My friends and family call me Allie! I am a recent graduate from Fairfield University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in International Studies and a Minor in Business Management. Enough with the boring stuff, though… More importantly, I have a love for life and a love, for love. I have always embedded this passion inside of me for creativity, and writing has always come to me effortlessly. I often feel as though I better express myself with a pen and paper than I do with my voice. Hence, I found the inspiration to createΒ Blushing in Bloom as an outlet where people can come to feel inspired.

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I am a proud dog mom to my Pomeranian, Leo. My boyfriend and I have had him for about a year and a half. He is my entire life, and I love him as though he is my child. I have a passion for photography, the outdoors, fitness, beauty, makeup, fashion, traveling and food. I am a majorΒ foodie and there is nothing I appreciate more than a delicious meal with quality ingredients. Growing up in a Greek household, my days have always revolved around food and planning what my next meal is going to be.

Another important thing you should know about me is that I thrive off relationships. I love people, and think that there is nothing more important in one’s life than to feel love, and be loved. I appreciate and cherish my relationships with my friends and family, and have a very tight-knit circle. Nothing is more important to me than my relationship with my family, boyfriend, friends and pup.

As a recent graduate from college, I am still finding my way through this world and am in a process of transition, something I am attempting as gracefully as possible. I have the goals of becoming a wedding planner, and owning my own event planning business within the next five years. I have a luxury wedding and bridal inspiration blog entitled, The Wedding Enthusiast. My website can be reached at, www.theweddingenthusiast.com and the link to my blog’s Instagram account is @the_wedding_enthusiast ! I have grown up in a family that is involved in the wedding industry for forty years, so perhaps this love for love of mine, is in my veins. We shall see πŸ™‚ ! While I continue ganging experience in the event planning industry, I also simultaneously continue to work with my love for makeup and glam. Makeup Artistry is something I have been practicing for the last five years, and is a talent that I will continue to work at my entire life.

You can find me blogging, enjoying an espresso, working out at the gym, keeping up with the latest trends in the beauty and fashion world, on Pinterest, practicing a new makeup look, swimming, or sitting outside enjoying a relaxing day. Some people call it basic, I call it me!

Welcome to Blushing in Bloom


Alexandria Kelly