Favorite Blush Picks

Who doesn’t love a beautiful, subtle blush? Adding the perfect hint of warmth and color to the face, blushes are one of my top-five, favorite beauty products! Flirty, romantic, or just plain classy… Blushes are a staple in my makeup kit. Depending on the time of year, skin tone, and or look that I am trying to go for, these have been my go-to blushes!


1. MAC “Peachykeen” Sheertone Shimmer Blush

Peachykeen is the perfect, everyday blush. It has buildable color, which I prefer because I can slowly build up the saturation depending on my desired look of the day. This blush has peachy undertones that are flattering on any skin tone. It is sheer, and has a slight shimmer that adds a subtle glow to the face. To buy this blush, click here










2. NARS “Goulue” Shimmer Blush

A pressed powder blush with warm, berry tones. This has been a favorite of mine for years and can only be ordered online; It is labeled as “Limited Edition.” This blush has a slight hint of gold shimmer, and is great for everyday wear. I wear this blush throughout the entire year, however, I particularly love it even more in the Winter months when my skin is pale, because it adds a deeper warmth to my face than a blush with peachy undertones. To buy this blush, click here.



3. MAC “Well Dressed” Powder Blush

This blush has a satin finish that makes it buildable and easy to use. This light, pink is great for those with fairer skin, hence, why I only use it in the colder months when my tan is faded. It is a perfect shade of pink that adds color to the cheeks without looking too warm. It has the slightest hint of shimmer and is perfectly blendable with a cheek highlight. To buy this blush, click here.



4. NARS “Seduction” Shimmer Blush

This deep and darker colored blush has a shimmer finish and can be described as a sangria color. It’s darker tones make it perfect for evening wear. I have only worn this out to dinner with a strong contour, and wouldn’t recommend it for those who have paler skin. A little goes a long way! I made the mistake of putting too much on my brush and had to blend until I got bored! Lesson learned! I recommend this blush for brunettes with warmer skin tones! It would be very complimenting with a berry lip! To buy this blush, click here.




5. Kylie Cosmetic’s “Barely Legal” Pressed Powder Blush

This matte blush will give you that “baby doll” affect. It is the sweetest and most innocent pink and looks great on any skintone. I love how this blush has very buildable color. I feel like most of my reviews in this post have mentioned how most of the blushes are buildable, but this is a very important factor for me, depending on the time of year it is and how tan I am. I’d recommend this blush for everyday use and I have only really worn it during the day. It looks great in indoor and outdoor lighting and won’t make your skin look to shimmery when mixed with a highlight/contour because it is matte and shimmer free. It has a creamy consistency when put on the skin that allows it to effortlessly blend into pores and stay flawless on top of foundation. AND, it’s cruelty free 🙂 To buy this blush, click here.



6. NARS “Orgasm” Shimmer Blush

Last but not least, the holy grail of my favorite blushes!!! This was the first blush I had ever purchased, and I can honestly say that I wear this 95% of the time. It is always in my bag, ready to go, or on top of my vanity. It is one of those staple items in my makeup collection that I just cannot live without. Peachy, summery, golden tones that look fantastic on any skintone. It doesn’t matter if it is Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall… This blush is MY GO TO. Blendable, buildable color… You just cannot go wrong with this one. I feel as though the world knows this blush due to it’s name, and is something that almost everyone has in their kit. To buy this blush, click here.





Trust The Process

If there is one thing I learned in 2017… It is to trust that you cannot plan your whole life. I have always been a planner; With lists and to-dos lined up in the “Notes” app of my phone. I went into college with a straight-forward plan, focusing only on my studies with the goals of graduating early (which I did, completing my Bachelor’s a semester early). I thought that with my degree in International Studies, that my aspiring career in a government agency was set, and ready to go.

After my graduation, I sat back for the first time in three and a half years, and actually took a deep breath; A reflective breath. I didn’t want to work for a government agency anymore, going against this so called “plan” of mine. My interests and career goals had completely changed. I loved event planning and I loved the creative process of being a makeup artist. I did not want to go forward with a career just because of an original plan I had made at the age of seventeen upon graduating high school. I had to adjust to my current interests and aspirations.

Your 20s should be focused on setting personal goals for yourself, and creating new plans as these goals continuously grow or change. You cannot always stick to the same plan; Life is never that simple.

Once I gained an understanding, in the difference between the meaning of “goal” and “plan”, my thought process became much more positive and healthy. Setting goals, is a healthier way to prepare for a better future, with less disappointment. Setting goals allows room for things to not always go as planned; Allowing room for error, growth, a change of direction… Ultimately leading to a desired, end result. You cannot plan life, you just have to go with the flow and adjust, as you work hard towards your dreams. Trust the process of your life. Look around you. Every step in your journey has its importance. There is life in every breath we take. Life has its weird way of working out. Even if it sounds cliché, trust the process.


Do it, for you

If you are a people-pleaser like myself, you might notice that you are not where you want to be when it comes to your health and fitness. Personally, I noticed that I fell short in my fitness when I stopped doing it, for me. It’s so easy to fall off the wagon and get off track with your workouts and healthy diet. It is SO MUCH EASIER to fall off, than it is to start. Do not take yourself for granted, ever; It is so important to maintain a healthy balance between being there for those you love and the world that surrounds you, and for yourself. You can come up with countless excuses as to why you shouldn’t workout and hit the gym. You can probably think of ten things that you have to do throughout the day that might better suit your time. Stop overthinking it. Get up. Get dressed. Pack your gym bag and head on over.

My boyfriend, Etnik, and I recently had a conversation after I had struggled with my confidence and the fact that I let myself fall off the wagon. I kept asking him to go to the gym with me, and relied on his presence to get myself there. He sat me down one day recently and said, “No. I’m not coming with you because you have to go for yourself, not for me.” While this hurt and was disappointing at first, I don’t think I have ever been more thankful for someone’s bluntness and for giving it to me straight. He woke me up and realized that I had been doing it for the wrong reasons all along.

Don’t do it for the beach; Do it for your mind. Don’t do it for the dress, but to feel good in your own skin. Don’t do it for your boyfriend or husband; Do it for you. Don’t make it a strict “diet”; Make it a healthy lifestyle that will keep you strong during the worst of times. Don’t get fit to compete with the people around you… But for the competition that you have with yourself. Compete on a daily basis with yourself, to be the BEST version of you. Every. Single. Day.


You have two options… 1) Make excuses. Or 2) Make moves. You decide. Please do this for you. Do it for your present and your future. Do it so you can be a BETTER you for those you love. Perhaps this will ease the guilt you may experience when you finally take some time to focus on yourself. Think about how much happier and less stressed you’ll be for your loved ones when you’re happy in your own skin. I promise you’ll feel better, despite the bumps in the road you might face along the way. There will be days where you’re tired and exhausted. There will even be days where you need to take a rest, and that’s okay. You are your biggest opponent and your worst enemy. No one can make you get up and go to the gym. It all comes down to self-will and determination. Listen to your body, reach for your highest potential, and don’t stop until you’re there. You are the only person in control of yourself. After all, you’re all you have.



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5 Tips for Flawless, Summer Skin


Is it me or does everyone feel more beautiful in the summer? Maybe it’s the tan, hydration, sun kissed glow that we all radiate during the warmer months. One of the most important beauty regiments I try to follow and get under control in the summer is my skin!

We are constantly over-exposing our skin to the sun’s powerful rays. No one likes an uneven complexion with dark spots or wrinkles, right?


Below are five helpful tips I follow to keep my skin

radiant, hydrated, fresh, and summer-ready 🙂



One of the biggest mistakes people make when they practice their skin care routine is that they do not stay hydrated. I am not talking about piling globs of hydrating cream on your cheeks and forehead… I am talking about DRINKING water. There are times where I am so unaware of my hydration level that I get headaches and stomach aches. I drink 3 glasses of water and my pain is instantly gone.

Our bodies NEED water; The adult human body’s composition is 60% water. Water helps regulate our body’s temperature and helps deliver oxygen all throughout our body. Water also helps our body regenerate cells allowing them to grow, reproduce and survive. Our skin is constantly generating new cells and getting rid of older ones; Water only helps this process. Water will also help give your skin an elasticity that creates a more youthful glow. You should be having at least a gallon of water a day; I know it seems like a lot, and trust me it is a

nd there will be plenty of trips to the bathroom… But your body will thank you later, and your skin will appreciate it 🙂



I personally noticed in the beginning of June that I wasn’t exfoliating my face half as much as I had during the colder months of Winter. Perhaps this is because my skin isn’t as dry during the summer as it is in the winter… But excesses are excuses! Exfoliate your skin gently every day, or every other day depending on your skin’s sensitivity. Our skin is constantly reproducing cells, as mentioned above under “Hydrate”, and it is important we help our bodies rid of them by exfoliating. Exfoliating will help…

  • Reduce Breakouts and Acne
  • Minimize pores
  • Improve the tone and smoothness of your skin
  • Allow the absorption of skin care products and flawless makeup application


In regards to summer, revitalizing your skin by exfoliating will even help you hold on to a tan 🙂 By exfoliating, you are ridding your body of the dead skin cells that would have tanned and fallen off faster. Exfoliating will allow the new and fresh cells to tan and last longer!



Make sure you wear spf on all parts of your skin that are exposed to the sun! No one wants to apply sunscreen after they have applied their makeup for the day; But many cosmetic and beauty companies are creating foundations and moisturizers that have added SPF to help you along in this process. Wearing sunscreen will help…

  • Slow down your aging process
  • Prevent brown spots and skin discolorations
  • Decrease the development of skin cancer; Skin cancer rates are on the rise!
  • Reduce blotchiness and redness on the skin



As the seasons change, so do our bodies. I notice that my skin is unfortunately a lot drier in the colder months than it is during the summer. I tend to apply a heavier amount of makeup in the Winter than I do in the Summer. If you are outside and at the beach, DO NOT WEAR A FULL FACE OF MAKEUP. No one thinks a caked on face of makeup is attractive. You are only blocking your pores and allowing that product to build up within your skin, resulting in breakouts. Keep your makeup dewy, natural and light. Throw on some gloss or a creamy lipstick, apply some brightening eye makeup and tinted moisturizer, bronzer and highlighter. Do not pack on that foundation and concealer… Less is more.



Yes, water is necessary and crucial to glowing skin. Beauty products help as long as you are doing your part by staying hydrated. Regardless if your skin is dry or oily, you need to moisturize. My skin texture changes with the seasons. However, regardless if it is Winter or Summer I have found the Fresh: Rise Deep Hydration Face Cream to be life-changing. It never leaves my skin oily and always sits underneath a light makeup application perfectly. I apply it to my skin after I cleanse both morning and night.

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 9.44.27 PM

I also like to use the Farsali Rose Gold Elixir on days where I like to have a more dewy look. If my skin is ever flakey and dry I use this facial oil as my moisturizer. This product leaves my makeup glowing from within and adds a subtle shine beneath my skin’s surface. Keep in mind if you have oily skin, a facial oil will only add to the problem.

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 9.43.57 PM



I hope these tips help you achieve a youthful, summer glow 🙂


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3 Rules


I once read this quote that really stuck with me…

“There are three simple rules in life…
1) If you do not go after what you want, you’ll never have it.
2) If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.
3) If you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place.”

These three, simple rules are so important for everyone to apply to themselves individually. Mind you, these three rules can mean different things for different people, based on their circumstances. However, they are so raw and so true, somehow, for everyone.

If you do not make moves in your life, you are never going to have the things you want. Life is not about talking, but rather doing. No one ever achieved their dreams by simply moving their mouth and talking about what they wanted to do or accomplish. The people who solely speak without actually doing are the people who die with their dreams unfinished; These are the people who die with the “what ifs.” Those who take little steps, each and everyday, to get to where they want to be… Are the people who achieve their dreams and desires successfully.

The people who remain within their shells and hide from the unknown are the people who are left without answers. Only the people who take that little bit of courage inside of them, and use it to their advantage… Are the people who get answers. There are going to be people in your life who tell you NO when you ask them something; This is inevitable. But… The answer will ALWAYS be no, if you never ask. By asking, you give yourself that 50/50 opportunity to receive the answer you desire.

Sadly, many people never grow. They stay stuck in the same place, in the same situation, in the same toxic relationships, same mentality… Until they are eventually destroyed. These people never grow and reach their potential. Every single one of us has a potential; Even people who are undeserving of it. The key thing to remember is that while everyone has a potential, only a select few people fulfill this potential within. It is important to take every opportunity in your life, with an open mind, if you feel as though it will benefit you. People turn down opportunities, too often, out of fear of the unknown. These are the people who look back with regret, knowing that they should have taken that chance to make something great out of themselves, or gain a rewarding experience. You will never grow unless you step out of your comfort zone and take steps in the right direction.

These 3 Rules can be applied to many different aspects of life. They will only help if you start applying them.


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21 Things I Have Learned, In My 21 Years

1. Nobody can save you.

2. People come and go, let them. If someone wants to stay in your life, you won’t have to ask them to.

3. Even if it sounds cliché, whatever is meant to be, will always be.

4. You are strong. Do not let anyone demean you or call you weak.

5. You never know how much someone means to you, until you begin to lose them through your fingertips.

6. Never let toxic people in; They will only destroy you.

7. Forgive, but never forget.

8. Never let lessons pass you by. Do not let mistakes be pointless without reason.

9. If someone sticks by you through your bullshit, keep them; They are a rarity.

10. You are your own worst enemy.

11. When someone truly, genuinely loves you.. You will know it. Their love will be so raw and pure, doubts will never exist in your mind.

12. If someone takes time out of their day to see you, appreciate it; Do not let their effort go unnoticed.

13. Never be careless with who you trust; Trust is the glue that holds relationships and friendships together for an eternity, or rips them apart in an instant.

14. Do not ever let opportunities pass you by. You may never get a second chance to get it back.

15. What people say is best for you, may very well not be so. Only you know what is best for you; Trust your gut, and go for it.

16. Never be half in with everything, is pointless and will only slow you down.

17. When it comes to decision making, analyze all lenses and perspectives. Take your time; You will get the best result.

18. Stop searching for love or happiness, you will never find these two blessings if you go out of your way to find them. Let them fall into your lap and come to you, love and happiness are most genuine when you let them come naturally by fate.

19. Smile. Life is too short to be anything but happy.

20. Do not step on top of others to get yourself to the top. People aren’t ladders. Grow. From every single experience and encounter in your life. Learn from it; Grow some more. You will amount to be something much larger and powerful from growing internally, through your own experiences, rather than stepping on top of others.

21. Never love someone with half of your heart. “Find someone, and live in awe of them.”

21 things I have learned, in my 21 years…


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Never Settle

Set standards for yourself. Always aim high. Do not ever limit your potential. Keep this in mind for all that you do. It doesn’t matter if it is in terms of your career, grades, or personal life. YOU set the bar for yourself. No one on this planet can push you to do something that you don’t want to do. At the end of the day it all comes down to your own self-will. A thousand people can be pushing you to do something for yourself, but at the end of the day the only person in control of the situation and your life, is you.

Too many people mistake the word wish with the word goal. The two are entirely different. Anyone can wish for something. I like to believe that everyone on Earth wishes for something in their lives, but it takes a different kind of person to achieve their goals. Anyone and everyone has the potential to do so, but they need the motivation to make their wishes become their reality. For example, I can sit on the couch and watch T.V. all day, wishing that I lose five pounds… But if I do not dedicate myself in the gym and follow a strict diet, I will never achieve this goal of mine. People who wish, stay stagnant. People who move, push forward. Make your dreams become your reality. Find the motivation and fire within you to create your own reality and achieve your personal goals. No one can limit you to your own, desired potential.

There are going to be many people in your life who do not support your goals and ambitions. There will be people who comment on, and critique you, trying to bring you down. Distance yourself from these people, and surround yourself with those who lift you up, those who inspire you. Block out the negativity and keep yourself focused on your individual aspirations. Only YOU know what is best for you. Only YOU know how you will get there. Some days will be more productive than others, but what matters most is that you make little steps in the right direction, every single day. This is the pathway for you to get to where you’d like to be.

You’re not going to achieve long term goals in a matter of days… But what is important to remember is that you must make short-term goals continuously, in order to get there. If you fail… Get up and try again. Do not make excuses; Excuses are what keep people in the same place. These people never push further ahead. Each and every day is a new opportunity for you to be great, and make something of yourself. Each and every hour, is a chance for you to change your attitude and make strides in your desired direction. You’re not just going to be handed perfect opportunities; You have to go out there and create them for yourself.



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